ASHE Derby City Luncheon – Thursday, June 29, 2023

Project of the Year awards were given out. Congratulations to Louisville Paving, the winner of the $5million and under category, for the Jefferson County I-65 Bridge Repair Project. Owner: KYTC District 5; Designer: KYTC Division of Structural Design; General Contractor: Louisville Paving and Construction.

Project of the Year Awards were given out. Congratulations to Gresham Smith, the winner of the $5milliion and over category, for the KY 237 Widening and Reconstruction project. Owner: KYTC District 6; Designer: Gresham Smith; General Contractors: Eaton Asphalt Paving Company, Inc., Riegler Blacktop, Inc., and L-M Asphalt Partners LTD D/B/A/ ATS Construction.

Keith Lovan (KYTC) and Katie Rowe (Gresham Smith) presented Complete Streets, an approach to planning, designing, and building streets that enable safe access for all users of the transportation system. This topic is very important and current; I saw a story on the CBS Sunday Morning Show this past Sunday (7/9/2023), regarding Complete Streets.

Thank you to the presenters and all that attended!